Fashion: Cosplay

Demobaza Man 2012

Demobaza Man SS 2013. The front page of the season’s new collection.

I’ve always been one to like dressing up in costume without any specific reason. I’ve gotten more like this since I moved to Mexico and I believe it’s partly due to the fact that I am such an oddity, walking about the streets (Asian with long hair and an atypical stocky complexion). I don’t know if it’s in my blood but when I discovered cosplay, there was no turning back.

Born in the 70s in the Japanese comic, counterculture, “cosplay” is a Japanese concoction and it’s short for “costume play”. You’ve probably heard of those people who go to Comic Con dressed up as their favorite comic book character. That’s cosplay.

I would like to go to one of those conventions and dress up but I have to think long and hard about who I’d want to be and how easy it would be to pull off the costume. As you can see from the blog link, some of those costumes are pretty intensely intricate.

And then, there was light.

There is this one page I love going to called Based out of Italy, the shop sells a lot of haute couture and carries my favorite designer, DSquared.

While roaming Pinterest one day, the LuisaViaRoma image picks included a designer called Demobaza. Urban, moody and with an edge, it is exactly what I would wear and how I would wear it. I was smitten. This brand would be the equivalent of emo/cosplay couture.

Designed by a Bulgarian duo, the clothes have got a futuristic tint to it, rough and scruff with a don’t-fuck-with-me attitude built in.

Give it a spin. What do you think?


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