The Alpha Moment

For everyone, there was that one moment that led you to do something or change something in your life.

That’s what I call an “alfa moment”. That very first moment when you realized something great. I remember my alfa moments with great respect so in order to honor them, I start my post title with that name.

What was your most memorable alfa moment?


4 thoughts on “The Alpha Moment

  1. I enjoyed Graham Norton, he is dinámic and a good dresser almost always, yet the Red Chair gimmick I find it diminishing
    , cause regardless of the shine of the story ,at the end, people get mocked most of the times, and laughing at the expense of someone’s lack of shine it is at the very least most unbecoming.

    • I think that at this stage, since people do sign up to sit in the red chair, they do know what they are in for. It is the one part of the show I dislike watching because normally the people who go don’t know that they are terrible at telling stories and it becomes a bit cringe-worthy. I do like the concept but I don’t like watching it.

  2. I had an alpha moment the moment that I met you, every time I meet one of God’s creations I alpha.

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