Word Face-Off: Hot vs Handsome

I was at work the other day, talking to one of my co-workers. She’s a 20-something who was telling me about a guy and quaintly called him (in my personal estimation) “handsome.”

It made me laugh because I found it rather old fashioned. This coming from the Queen of Old Souls herself. I thought it sounded a tad corny but I’m used to people calling a sum of money “handsome” or a well-dressed woman “handsomely dressed.” Or maybe I’ve been living in my own world of language too long to know what is contemporary anymore.

The co-worker retorted and immediately we went into a quick survey of the menfolk in our presence and asked all of their preference.

So I put the question out to you, Internet Friends:

Menfolk: Do you prefer being called “hot” or “handsome”?



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