Taylor Swift: The Haters and The Shakers

Haters Gonna Hate

Haters Gonna Hate

A certainly distant acquaintance once said that if he were to see Taylor Swift, he would kick her in the face.

This comment made me think two things: placing as much distance as I possibly can between myself and this acquaintance and why?

I can’t say that at the time of the comment, I was fan of Taylor’s. I’ve seen more interviews of hers (in particular, a 60 Minutes piece with Leslie Stahl, where she commented on her enthusiastic expressions of surprise) than I’ve actually heard songs and the only opinion I had was that she is very dedicated to her craft. Hearing such a violent comment, however, made me curious.

So I watched “Shake It Off.” It made a bit of an impression on me because it is a comeback to all those comments anyone has ever received criticism for just being. And considering how long I have worked on myself to construct a better me everyday, I took the song and the attacks personally.

Let me direct all the TaylorHaters to a certain case called Britney Spears. The well-known “secret” of her virginity was the talk of the tabloids, as well as her Mickey Mouse romance with Justin Timberlake, leading eventually to getting married to a dancer and relinquishing that “secret,” having two kids and eventually getting divorced. Let’s not forget that she also had a bit of moment, shaving her head and having her sweatshirted, bald image splashed across gossip mags all over the world.

This is better than being a “serial dater,” crime for which Taylor has been accused? Wouldn’t “serial dating” eliminate making such a mistake like marrying the wrong man?

The aforementioned acquaintance also tried to argue that Taylor should not cross genres from country to pop because if you label yourself as a country artist, you should stay as such. The argument that ensued would have ended with my own foot in his face had it not been for the fact that we were traveling in the backseat of a car. And someone sitting in between us.

She isn’t Jimmy Page, wailing finely rude on the guitar. She isn’t Ella Fitzgerald, sending her voice to the rafters. She is an enthusiastic, talented young woman who rides a steed called Perseverance. To fault her, especially when she is definitely no Justin Bieber, is to have much too much time on your hands.


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