Contributing to a Triathlete’s Fashionista Dream: Donate

Starting Run IM Cancun 703 2011 (photo by Adrian Malaguti)

Starting Run IM Cancun 703 2011 (photo by Adrian Malaguti)

Returning to the States has been a sort of whirlwind that I still haven’t gotten the hang of. I still can’t believe I am here and it is all a little strange and surreal to me. It is as if I am waiting for my flight back to Mexico because truth be told, I have always done so. 

But this time around, it is different and now there is a new reality. Namely: school. And in particular, tuition. 

Everyone who has kids knows how expensive it is to send a kid to college and I am appalled at how parents can actually afford paying for a new car every year for however many years their kids need to go to school, because that is what it sets you back to educate these days. I have been thankful that I only have to go one year but it is still a chunk of change. 

And this is where I have to ask for a favor from my social web friends.

I am in dire need of money to pay for school and unless I can get together the money for my first payment, due October 1, 2014, I will not be attending school this year. 

So I’ve got three methods to go about this:

1. You can help me out by buying a book I self-published under a pseudonym. It is an adult fairy tale so it does have naughty bits in there, just in case you don’t like reading smut. There is a Kindle version (which you can read on a Kindle, your iPhone or Android) or a physical hard cover version (which is a little more expensive by designed by me). I have to sell 1700 copies for the royalties to add up to pay for the first monthly due on October 1, just so you have an idea of how much I need.

If you would rather not get all 50 Shades of Grey, you can help out with 

2. A donation at my GoFundMe page.

Or better yet

3. You can reblog this and promote the cause. 

I am in need of help and I want to go to school. A friend once said some sage words of advice, “Be as shameless as possible.” I figure that my fashion school dreams are important enough to throw propriety to the wind and say “fuck it” because I want this badly enough. I did not cry my eyes out, leave people I love and move countries just to sit on my ass because I hit one obstacle. That ain’t me. 

If you help with one of these options, I will be forever in your debt. Thank you for reading. 


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