Old Souls: Jazz Pianist Jaime Cullum and the Brontë Family Piano

Jamie Cullum with the Bronte Piano

Jamie Cullum with the Bronte Piano

I am a total softie. Or perhaps I am impressed by things that should not impress more often than not. This coming from a woman who loves writing with a fountain pen and would seal every single missive she writes with a bit of sealing wax (if she had sticks of wax with her…and a proper seal), stamped with an impressive platinum seal, which she wears on her finger, as she pulls a dainty pocket watch from her smart waistcoat.


In Haworth, West Yorkshire, one of my favorite jazz musicians, Jamie Cullum, was allowed to play the family piano of the Brontës, in a house where literary greatness festered in the presence of nurtured learning and music. As a part of his Piano Pilgrimage series, Cullum had the honor of playing the piano for his radio tour.

With technology taking people to new places, I always enjoy hearing about how old technology was an impressive feat and something to definitely be reckoned with. I believe in striving to surpass the boundaries but I also encourage looking at your roots. Standing on the shoulders of giants means looking at the giants once in a while.

There is a certain beauty in reaching out into the past. About cradling it in your hands and watching it breathe. It is the whisper of voices from ages gone by, telling a story to anyone who would care to listen.

I am listening.


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