Visiting the Dentist with Comedian Michael McIntyre

Ever since I was a little kid, I had always been envious of people with what I considered “super powers”. In this case, however, those powers weren’t telekinesis or invisibility; it was mastery in an art.

I am not envious now but how I drool when I watch Jimmy Page play or see Martyn Ashton’s road bike tricks video! I may never reach perfection like these men but one realm where I have had a bit of practice is in the written and the spoken word. Clever banter puts a smile on my face only because I know that with so many combinations of words, putting together a string of well-described ideas to paint a picture with any sort of clarity requires an elegance of thought and is something quite wondrous to me.

I have had my fair share of embarrassing moments with my medical professionals, from an awkward first meeting with a handsome gynecologist to being accidentally naked in the OR. But rather than shut up that steamer trunk, I prefer flinging it open for the world to see, if only because it makes me happy. None of my visits to the dentist have been as bad (though I did have a similar tooth-removal procedure, involving copious amounts of splattered blood, done on me) but I could imagine it.

And my friends, I have a very vivid imagination.


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