The Inadvertent Eavesdropper: From Exorcisms to Loud Sex

I respect people’s space and have enough sense to look away when someone is typing an email or not be all up in anyone’s business. So it is with absolute reluctance that I hear things from across the street, in passing or even through the walls. I will confess that I have also had the curious “luck” to have lived in places where the walls are very thin.

I lived in one apartment where there was a corridor of windows that looked onto my neighbor’s corridor. I didn’t see much of them and knew they were several people who used the space as an office of sorts. The sense of sketchiness came when they painted over the windows so that you couldn’t see inside. So you can imagine my sense of wonder when I hear the voice of a man shouting at what I made out to be a spirit that was possessing a woman. The building admin called around after I put in the complaint and said that all the neighbors denied performing black magic.

Late at night, from that same apartment, I could hear the early morning revelers leaving the night club that is across the street from me. Drunk and uncoordinated, these are normally distinguished for its barrage of giggles and loud shouty words of undying love that will last until the drink has worn off.

In my present abode, I sometimes stay up late to work on things. It was then that I discovered that the walls in my house are so thin that I can hear the husband of the family living in the house behind mine, snoring away as if he were in my room. Sadly, I’ve heard him snore more often than the sex he and his wife rarely have. And from the sound of it, “lackluster” would pretty much sum it up in a nutshell. The neighbors to my left, however, can be heard from the street. I was going out to the store one day when I was greeted by a moan, accompanied by “It feels so good”.

I always wonder if these women are alone, hamming it up because I have yet to hear the men. Not once.

Bizarre. I will state for the record, though, that the world should have more love and sex so if I had a choice between slobbery drunk words or silly in-the-act sex compliments, I think I would much rather listen to the latter.

It’s better than an argument. And who knows? Might pick up a pointer or two.


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