Music: K-Pop’s Taeyang and Martial Arts Hip Hop Dancing

The K-Pop singer, actor and dancer, Taeyang. He's a pretty good looking kid.

The K-Pop singer, actor and dancer, Taeyang. He’s a pretty good-looking kid.

I’ve always rejected the idea of giving a very succinct answer when referring to personality and character traits. There is so much depth in people that it is difficult to pin things down like that. I suppose because I know people are layered and I just feel like it is more honest to give multiple answers. I used to want to throw bricks at my English students when I would ask them about their hobbies. Most would answer the same thing: listen to music, watch movies and play with their kids. And deep down, I just never bought it. So I resorted to throwing mental bricks at them to feel better.

I mention all this because I know that the boundaries of taste are interwoven. I know this because in my very peculiar taste, I can do an international tour of cultural influences that can take me to the streets of Oslo for some a-ha to the “res” in Navajo country. Which is why I am not ashamed of saying that I enjoy listening to K-pop and why I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary when a group of taekwondo students called the K-Tigers did a dance cover of K-pop star, Taeyang.

WTF?! you might be asking. But I assure you, after you see the following, you’ll get it.

This is the taekwondo version:

Taeyang is a young solo artist out of South Korea who came from a band called Big Bang and who kind of reminds me of Ne-Yo. And this is the original, choreographed by Parris Goebel:


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