Because Who Is Perfect?: Pro Infirmis Takes a Look at the “Perfect” Human Body

I’ve never been one to accept a generalization of “perfection.” It is such a subjective term that there is no way that what is perfect for me would be perfect for someone else. And even though the US has always been touted as a “melting pot,” I learned the true value of the unseen in Mexico. The search deep within. There is only so much that can be seen on the outside.

You never know what you will find within a person. And sometimes, it is worth going that much further.

In order to commemorate International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Pro Infirmis (an organization for disabled people) got people with disabilities to get measured and had mannequins made of them to be used in the window display of a department store. All this to show that there is beauty in all sorts of perfection.

This is the result. We are all perfect. Every single one of us.


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