Flash Mobs: The Classical Music Twist

The social phenomena that is the flash mob has always intrigued me. To see people coming together to do something in community makes me feel that all is not lost. I have criticized quite a bit the disconnectivity of society where interacting with a mobile device is seemingly replacing the actual conversation between people. But mark my words: I will kick, punch and fight off anyone who may try to take away that contact that I feel so vital, contained in a simple conversation between people who just want to be heard.

I was in high school when a friend invited me to the music room to hear her and her string band mates rehearse. I couldn’t tell you what piece they were playing but I do remember wiping away a tear. Some pieces of classical music, when performed live, seem to dig deep down into my soul and pull at my heartstrings. They make me weep with the emotion of a love lost and a love found.

A while back, I had asked a Brazilian friend of mine to teach me some words in Portuguese.

“Any word you want,” I had said.

She taught me the word saudade which means “longing” but in the sense that you feel incomplete and a little lost without that piece, which serves as a constant reminder of the love that exists. She used it in reference to her son and how she missed him with an aching that hurt her. She could not think of a word in Spanish that properly translated that feeling.

And in a way, there are certain musical pieces that make me feel what saudade makes me feel, but full of hope. They are morsels to nurture the heart, the brightest of lights and the most passionate of discourses. A flight of the sweetest of notes on the back of the soaring brilliance that is life.

Food for the soul. An Ode to Joy.

And only because I love O Fortuna am I including this one too. The middle bit gets a little silly but that’s how it is in the operetta.


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