The Language of Clothing: On Lady Gaga Buying Michael Jackson’s Tour Clothes

Lady Gaga and Ellen Degeneres on Michael Jackson's Clothes

Lady Gaga and Ellen Degeneres on Michael Jackson’s Clothes

When I was in high school, I had to study Russian. It was then that I developed a severe case of boredom which translated into falling asleep in class. Anyone who knows a bit about Russian knows that it has six declensions and they are absolutely vital in speaking the language. That vitality bored me to not tears, but to sleep.

And there were only two people in the class: my teacher and I.


It was only when I started to see grammar in theory as well as in action that I could actually understand what a beautiful thing learning another language was. We all use words, have expressions, emote. But I began to realize that language was the very mirror of a person, showing the world who you are through your choice of words.

And this is a belief that I have associated with clothing as well. I believe that you dress to reflect what you feel about yourself, about the world, about your attitudes on life.

With the exception of triathlons, I never leave the house without a little makeup and my hair brushed. Personally, I feel like I have no business looking unkempt and I do not say so for other people’s sake: I say so for me. I could not care one whit about a person who only purchased an item of clothing because they wanted to show off in certain designer wear. It’s like when I was in elementary school and there were girls who would mimic phrases heard on television: it didn’t suit them. It was the crow with the mix-match plumage. It was the emperor and his new clothes.

They do not fool me.

Clothes are the words of a very elaborate yet concise autobiography.

So when I saw this interview by Ellen Degeneres with Lady Gaga on her purchasing all of Michael Jackson’s tour clothes, I admired her even more. Clothes say so much about a person, their history, how they want to live life and Michael Jackson was larger than life. That she respected his legacy enough to purchase all his tour clothes together, so that they wouldn’t get separated, for safe keeping, makes me very happy. Those clothes represented a moment in time where a man worked, gave his heart and soul in them and was loved.

And for a legend like that, that love should be cherished.


3 thoughts on “The Language of Clothing: On Lady Gaga Buying Michael Jackson’s Tour Clothes

  1. Gaga needs to get back in her lane and stop using Michael Jackson to regain relevance. The MJ Community (many millions of fans) do not respect her nonsense regarding MJ. The fact she spent $55M on his stage costumes is ridiculous. The “spread to the winds” comment [by a bunch of rich people] is disrespectful. I don’t see her spending that much money on her “anti-bullying” campaign. I don’t see her correcting her “little monsters” from posting if people would buy her latest flop CD they would offer gay sex. That is beyond belief that this is out there. Interscope is freaking out that they spent so much $$ to promo that latest mess of music she put out. AND she needs to STOP wearing MJ’s clothing period. She is full of it saying they are pristine since she isn’t storing them as she should be. If she was doing as she said when she spent all the money on these pieces she would be storing them properly. News-flash for her – there were many duplicates made of each costume and the ACTUAL stage worn garments are all stored in 3 warehouses and go to MJ’s kids. So she is touting that he wore them-not a chance lady. AND btw: when those so called rich people win auctions for MJ costumes they put their money where their mouth is and do what they say they’ll do. The man who won the “Thriller” jacket for $1.8M has toured it and donated all proceeds to children’s charities. Gaga doing anything even remotely like this? Simple answer: NO!

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