Laughing Till My Sides Hurt: The Cuddle Jumper

I’m human. I get a little sad, mad and happy in odd measure. Considering the heavy nature of the content recently, I decided to put up something a little lighter.

I love the BBC and British television so if it’s not “Top Gear,” I’m watching “QI.” There is a show called “8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown,” which basically consists of famous people doing math and word games. I’m always amazed by the woman who is like the Vanna White of this show, ferrying the numbers and letters on the board and doing all sorts of math in her head.

I have to think really hard to do what she does, man.

“Would I Lie to You?” is one of my new favorites (or “favourites”) and its premise is to read cards that may or may not be true and the person reading them has to pretend it’s true to win points. Most of the stories are pretty ludicrous but I have to say, this story had me in absolute stitches.

Happy Wednesday all!


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