Analogue vs Digital………FIGHT!

Vanity Fair cover with Lady Gaga in both paper and tablet forms. Analogue vs Digital.

Vanity Fair cover with Lady Gaga in both paper and tablet forms. Analogue vs Digital.

I’ve been noticing a certain trend in the movies lately where people are driving the latest teched-out cars (Fast and Furious 6), fighting with NASA-developed programming (Battleship) and kicking monster ass with international fire power (Pacific Rim). In all three movies, there was some sort of conflict where some were manning the latest in wired tech but something happens where the tech is shorted out.

In FF6, they had to get non-electric cars to go against the dreaded Shaw, who shorted out all their cars with a jamming device. In Battleship, they bring out the WWII battleship USS Missouri to sail against the aliens, who rendered all their modern ships useless. In Pac Rim, nuclear power comes to save the day.

All this may seem insignificant but there was a real life incident in the recent cycling race, the Giro d’Italia 2013, where many riders had mechanical problems. Look up any of the news on the event and they will just say “mechanical problems” but this was also a case of analogue trumping digital. The big name cycling component brands have introduced electronic shifters into their lines (which may explain why details weren’t given as to what “mechanical” problems meant), which shifts the gears seamlessly and precisely. These are serious brands who test and test and test. They, however, did not account for the extreme type of weather and the intense humidity getting into their systems. Many (if not all) the Giro cyclists started with electronic shifters. By mid-way, everyone reverted back to mechanical.

This is the old skool throwdown.

So I’ve decided on something: we can’t change how digital the world gets but we can change how analogue we stay. And so, I’ve created a list of 10 things I intend to do to keep myself as analogue as possible.

  1. Write letters. Yes, actual letters. If you want me to write you one, I will.
  2. Use my fountain pens. To write the above letters, of course! And to keep my journal.
  3. Keep a herd of pencils and paper nearby. Inspiration can strike at any moment.
  4. Go to an actual bookstore. If it’s a used bookstore, all the better.
  5. Borrow a paperback from a friend. All the more reason to go and hang out as well as reading an actual book!
  6. Do something outdoors that doesn’t involve computers (hang out on the beach, go to a museum, do a road trip).
  7. Talk to a stranger, even if it is only to say hello.
  8. Not be ashamed to cry in public, especially at the movies.
  9. Practice telling funny stories to real people.
  10. Find a decent photo lab to get prints of my negatives.
The Fist Fight Scene in "Gangs of New York" with Leonardo DiCaprio.

The Fist Fight Scene in “Gangs of New York” with Leonardo DiCaprio.

If you want to add to my list, go right ahead. I’d love to hear your suggestions. I don’t encourage violence but a good old fist fight would definitely trump a troll’s rant. Hands down.


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