The Camera In Fraganti: Loving Who You Are

Some time back, a friend shared a video with me, commenting that she knows I’ll laugh hysterically when I watch it. It was a video created by a guest at one of these all-inclusive hotels where they have activities, one of which was probably called “Poolside Salsa.” The person who uploaded the video had focused in on one particular member of that poolside class: a bit of a pot-bellied man wearing Speedos. As the instructor went through the moves, Speedos followed along and started throwing in his own dance moves, most of which involved spins and arm movements.

You can hear giggles in the background of the video, leading me to believe that this was not a person that the uploader knew. Steadily, the person filming grew more and more bold, walking closer to the class and probably making no bones about filming the man. And I think he could tell he was becoming the subject of ridicule but kept right on.

I cringed. They were some of the worst five minutes that I had experienced in a long time. Cringing because it wasn’t fair and even at his age, people still wanted to bully him.

Here is a guy who is obviously very comfortable with how he looks and was on vacation, having a very good time. Might we all be as bold as that man to do what we want to without giving a fuck if someone wants to laugh in our faces or not.

Dove Camera Shy Still. Be your own beauty.

Dove Camera Shy Still. Be your own beauty.

And it reminded me of the new campaign of Dove Mexico. At 0:43, it translated to “When did you stop thinking you were beautiful?” The video fit right in with Speedos and it is my invite to anyone who wants, if they feel like it, to tear up the floor, whether it is in the club, the supermarket, the elevator, by a hotel pool or wherever you please.

Se tu propia belleza. Be your own beauty.


6 thoughts on “The Camera In Fraganti: Loving Who You Are

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