Throwback Thursday: The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Still from the Graham Norton Show with Will Smith, Jayden, Alfonso Ribeiro and DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Still from the Graham Norton Show with Will Smith, Jaden, Alfonso Ribeiro and DJ Jazzy Jeff.

I’m an 80s child. I grew up in a time when an actor was the US president, the Berlin Wall came down and the Yen was 360 to the US dollar. There were, of course, other things and as a kid, you would watch television to escape the humdrum of school.

I am a music nerd of sorts. I love most anything that has a good beat and something deep to throw down. My tastes have evolved and taking into consideration my newly found love of rock, I wonder if it was safer to have stumbled upon this at 38 rather than 15, when I was in my fighty period. I just got into Led Zeppelin and I can hear so many contemporary musicians with that sound. A beautiful mix that surrounds you like a gale wind, the leaves that blow into your face are the individual notes. I just watched “Quartet“, a movie about four ex-opera singers who come together to overcome the fear of using their voices and getting old. And I want to live in the liquid air that is Verdi. I dream of attending an opera at La Scala or the Royal Vic. I can feel that tear threaten when I hear “Vesti La Giubba” and damn Nedda for running off and leaving por Canio.

Anyone who says that music is not worth anything is full of shit.

And so I come to Will Smith: actor and rapper. He was on the Graham Norton show, promoting his new movie “After Earth” and had a special surprise for the whole audience, as well as for Graham himself. I watch things like that and know that in a living room about 20-some odd years ago, I was watching a young, happy-go-lucky man become a part of my life. It may have been silly and vacuous but somewhere, it took hold of a heartstring and followed me down the path of life.

And it makes me very happy that he was there.


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