What If Moments: The Boston Bombing Survivor Who Searched for Her Rescuer…and Found Her

Every now and again, I find a story that gives me back a little hope in humans as a species.

Erika Brannock was there that fateful afternoon when the bombs of the Boston Marathon exploded. It took away one leg and broke the other and as she lay there, she prayed to God to not take her. It was then that a woman from California appeared and started the work to save Erika’s life, using her belt as a tourniquet. She was released, being the last survivor to be let out of the hospital, and made a plea for anyone who knew the whereabouts of that woman who saved her.

Her plea was heard and she was reunited with the woman she thought was named “Joan” from California. Amanda Norton is “Joan”‘s real name and the video is nothing short of beautiful and can very well speak for itself.

I’ll share my tissues with you. Below, the still from AC360.

Boston bombing survivor meets woman she says saved her life

I was a blubbering mess when this happened….


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