Culture: The Magic of Philippe Genty

Phillippe Genty and his Company

Phillippe Genty and his Company

With that movie “Now You See Me” coming out, I decided to write about a magic/modern dance act that, if you have the chance, you must not miss. It will be money well spent.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always had this fascination with magic and mystery. I remember buying a magic book when I was a kid and remember the feeling of disappointment when the tricks wouldn’t really make things float or disappear. So in a way, I think the magician is the purveyor of certain illusory truths.

It’s hard to impress the skeptic because I think deep down, they really do want to believe. But they can’t because it isn’t “sensible” to the modern person who has rudimentary science knowledge. And it seems to me that more of us become skeptics as we enter adulthood. So when I was invited along with a friend to join in a merry group of revelers in the Festival Cervantino in Guanajuato, Mexico, I joined in on the fun. They had an extra ticket to see a man named Philippe Genty, whom I had never heard of.

And then, the magic began.

The stage was overlit with what seemed to be shrimping boat lights into the audience. We could see a large square superimposed upon the width and length of the stage, as if it were basketball court markings but in the air. But you could still see the stage behind. Suddenly, the lights went out and a minute later, out of one of the corners of the basketball court markings (which could still be seen because now they glowed) a man peeled back a corner and stuck his head out. You could not see the rest of his body and that area behind the markings was definitely transparent before the lights went out.

He announced a murder. We must get to the bottom of this. All the while, he twisted the markings nearest to him in his hands and around the parts of his body that showed.

A pistol shot.

Someone screams.

Five oddly dressed and hatted people rush on stage from their seats in the audience and the show commences.

And without even knowing it, I recovered my ability to marvel at the world again.


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