Culture: The “Guess Who I Am” Game

I’ve been living in Mexico for about 17 years now and so it is safe to say I understand the culture to an extent. A good chunk of that time I spent in Mexico City and having lived now in Cancun for some time, I can see there are some regional differences between the Chilangos (people from Mexico City) and Yucatecos. 

I say this because I was minding my own when this pops up on my cell phone:


For all you non-Spanish speakers, I’ll translate.

Fumiko Nobuoka

Add the cookie monster!!

I am very angry with you. You probably don’t even remember who I am!

We were such good friends!!

Guess who I am…


From the area code, I know this person is from Mexico City and when I saw this, a barrage of moments flooded my head. Not many people here in the Riviera Maya do that and it made me realize how happy I was without it. I remember quite clearly how people (mostly women) would do this back in Mexico City. It would always happen on the phone. I am pretty crap when it comes to recognizing someone’s voice, especially on the phone. Especially in Spanish. Unless the person had a distinctive timbre to their voice, it would take me ages to figure out who it was.

So I would always ask who it was.


Fuck you. And this is only the beginning of the conversation.

It is something that with age, I have begun to tolerate less and less. Maybe I’m getting old and jaded. Or maybe I just have less tolerance for people who don’t respect my time. First of all, you called me, which tends to mean you have some matter to discuss with me. Second, if I have to play a game to answer the question you apparently have, why do I have to play if it is you who wants my attention?

I don’t know who that person in the texts is. I can take a wild guess and will probably be right but now, I don’t really care. I take friendship very seriously and it is something I treat with the utmost respect. It is not a game and therefore, I will not treat it as one.

If I have to guess who you are, you can guess why I’m not texting you back.


4 thoughts on “Culture: The “Guess Who I Am” Game

  1. That is so carzy, I wrote a related phone post today too! I was not playing games. I dialed the wrong number by mistake and hung up once I realized…oh shit that’s the wrong number. No big deal right? This chick calls me back and attempts to Gitmo my ass for information…lol. Some folks just can’t not know;) Your is different than mine but I would have done the same damn thing.

    • That is really bizarre that we chose similar sort of situations to write about today. I guess I’m just in a pissy mood with annoying people who like to waste time. That chick may have issues with something illicit, is all I can think of. For that sort of reaction, she must have had some heavy shit happen.

      All I can say is, people are definitely odd.

    • I kind of think you were lucky not to have had them. It just pisses me off. If we were such good friends, why didn’t she write more? Crazy people, I tell you.

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