Language: Funny Names and Foreign Languages

My brother had known someone who was something like a third or fourth generation Japanese man (what we would sansei “third generation” or yonsei “fourth generation”) who had the misfortune of being named Richard Nagai and went by Dick Nagai.

Nagai in Japanese means “long”.

I’m from California but didn’t realize how incredibly silly the names of some of the towns in our proud state were until I started living in Mexico. There are cities like Rancho Palos Verdes (Green Sticks Ranch), El Cajon (The Drawer), Tiburon (Shark), Calabasas (albeit misspelled but it means “Pumpkins” or “Squashes”), Los Gatos (The Cats), Vacaville (“vaca” means “cow”) and Placerville (“placer” means “pleasure”).

Now, I just had an epiphany/dream to be realized. Seeing as that I have Spanish under my belt, I’ve decided that I should start up a town in some very remote spot and give it an incredibly funny name that only people who spoke Spanish (or have read this post) would know.

So I’ve got two candidates: Pitos Largos (Long Dicks) or Puchas Vagas (Wandering Vaginas).

“Hey, where are you from?”

“I’m from Puchas Vagas. It’s just out by Los Gatos.”

If anyone has any other suggestions, I’d love to open up the discussion. I’m sure we can compile a book!


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