Fashion: Hussein Chalayan and A Magic Act/Fashion Show


Hussein Chalayan Spring 2007 Collection. One of the pieces off the runway. This is the SAME dress.

When I was a kid, I loved the wonder that a book could bring. The eager anticipation of what was on the next page. That was my magic show because I didn’t see much of magic when I was young. Now older, however, I have seen more magic than ever before and in places I hardly expected to find them in.

This one was in a fashion show.

Now I remember the idea for this came from ballroom dancing and how sometimes, the dancers would have quick costume changes in a number. The video below is from America’s Got Talent and I wouldn’t necessarily classify this as a talent but there you go.

Plus Brandie’s sour face kind of put me off.

The designer in question is Hussein Chalayan, a British/Turkish/Cypriot designer and though he is not the main show in the fashion weeks around the world, people do know to expect something amazing. Mainly because he does this.

In 2000, he did an autumn-winter collection that had people giving him an ovation. I like that people put that much work into what they love doing and it shows that this man really thought it out. Maybe the attraction is that I really love the element of surprise because it does remind me that I still am that little girl, waiting to see what is on the next page.

And then, I get to see the next page. May we all be a little more adventurous, take imagination by the hand AND RUN!


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