Movies: Not on My Oscar Watch!


A.O. Scott and David Carr from the New York Times

I normally like watching the Oscars, “normally” being the operative word. But seeing as that I have no access to cable nor a transmission that does not involve a live simultaneous translation, voicing over so you can barely hear the Spanish (I live in Mexico), let alone the English, I had to make do with what I have.

And that folks, is the internet.

I watched the comments of A.O. Scott and David Carr from the NY Times live Oscar broadcast, commenting on the whole ceremony.

Now, what I love about this is that there is no pomp and circumstance here. Two guys who dressed up in suits and ties, brought their own food (soda and homemade cookies; some random chips and nuggets made it on to the plate, as well) and for the different segments, dressed up as the different characters of the best film nominations, including Abe Lincoln in stovepipes and graying beards, Django in black cowboy hats and even an Argo theme, with 80s wigs and thick false mustaches  pulling out all the stops for their transmission. Each had their Oscar picks and depending on whether they guessed it or not, they would win mini-Oscars.

Don’t get me wrong: I love dress-watching. I just hate the layers they’ve put on the show to create a production that is not about the celebration of film but the praise of money-making television.

And this webcast was like hanging out with other film buffs and participating in no-holds-barred criticism. Criticism which we all tweeted, in particular over the Boob Song.

I am just a simple movie buff who loves a good story and in honoring that tradition, I would like a simple Oscar experience as well. And this was it. Thanks #NYTOscars! It was a wonderful night.


6 thoughts on “Movies: Not on My Oscar Watch!

  1. You did not miss much;) Hey you would be proud I bought a bike and did my first ever 10k over the weekend. I am pretty sure before to long that I will make the big time and be known on the international circuit. Sadly, I think that I will need a bigger “grandpa” style seat but its pretty fun. So if you hear rumors of a red faced bandit making waves on the training circuit…prob this dude. You need to write some more posts soon!

    • I am very proud of you, Mike! But bigger seats don’t necessarily make for a better ride. It depends on the way you ride and seat construction as well. If you can, try finding a reputable bike shop and see about the different seats they have. They may be able to help you out if you tell them what sort of problems you have with your seat. We’ll have to go riding before long!

      • I have been doing some hunting online and I think for sure that a few upgrades will be required but it is fun. I knocked out a good 6-7 mile in like 35 min, once I learn the gears/shifts I hope to pick up some speed. The seat was a little ruff but I will deff swing by the local bike shop!

      • No pressure but you write really good stuff and I was wondering where you had been. Trust me, I know it’s hard trying to write a solid post everyday. I am gonna try my first video post prob next week. Did you write about the blade runner yet? Some good stuff there;)

      • Funny you should ask. I was waiting to see how the hearings proceeded to comment. I have been lagging and I think it’s the being unemployed part that kind puts a mental wrench into the works. But that’s about to change. Thanks for being one of ten fans!

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