Culture: Tribal Music from Mexico

I love culture. I love getting into a country through the food, the art, the music, the architecture. It just reminds me how similar we all are.

But this does not mean I love it all. And one of these cultural references is Tribal Music (pronounced “tree-ball” and sometimes referred to as “3Ball”).

It is a little debatable what the origins are and what tribal really is. Some say it is a fusion of Mexican cumbias and electronic house music. Others say it’s a fusion of banda, tribal and grupero music.

What I find really striking is the one very noticeable fashion statement of very long-pointed cowboy boots. They were originally made by the wearer, using materials to extend the boots. Now you can actually buy them as such. If you want to take a look, here’s a page on the Mexican version of eBay. Reminds me a little of The Leningrad Cowboys.

This video is for Mike Ballenger, the only guy I know from Alabama.

Here’s tribal in action.

Here’s another variation with a Pitbull sort of figure.

And then, appalled, I see this by Glee. I couldn’t find an actual clip of the show but I find it silly that they would mix “Bambolero” by the Gypsy Kings (primarily flamenco-styled music from Spain by French musicians) with Mexican norteño-tribal styled clothing. It is NOT hipster, boy-band clothing!

DISCLAIMER: Duende is a term used in Spain and normally in bullfighting and flamenco circles to refer to the fire of art (in the way it was referred to in the show). It is not a word normally used outside of those circles nor out of Spain, in that context. Most other places understand the word as referring to a sprite. Sorry, that was bugging me and I REALLY had to get that off my chest.

And I think the chick singing along with the video is funny…


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