Movies: “Pulp Fiction” Kerry Style

Everything I know about modern-day British culture, I get from one of two sources: the BBC program “Quite Interesting” hosted by Stephen Fry and The Graham Norton Show. It’s strangely intriguing to me; like a window hidden under a painting that had always been there and I’m just now opening it to look at this marvelous place.

‘What has she learned?’ you may ask.

About Terry’s Chocolate Oranges.


About the Clangers.

And about “Pulp Fiction” in a Kerry accent. Kerry County is an area in the southwestern part of Ireland.


County Kerry in Ireland.







Graham Norton had Tarantino on his show and explained as such:

This is the interview with the makers of the video, talking about seeing their video on the Graham Norton Show and their reaction.


2 thoughts on “Movies: “Pulp Fiction” Kerry Style

  1. I love QI, have to watch it with subtitles, though.
    You don’t watch any of Charlie Brooker’s stuff? Probably too British but I like his sense of humour.
    May you want to watch more British TV try filmon 🙂

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