Geeks: Men and Their Fascination with Explosions and Cars

I’ve been known to be a geek at times. Well, actually, let me rephrase that: I do, on occasion, call myself a geek and actually give fuck all to anyone else’s opinion.

Ahh, better. It feels much better to have that cleared up.

I’ve read “Faust” in a language that is not my first language for “light reading” and have contemplated the purchase of WWII military maps from an international bookseller.

Maybe “eccentric” is a better word.

That said, I can also somewhat understand that near psychotic sense of marvel that men experience when they see something burst into a thousand pieces. I went out with someone who almost had wet dreams about how he’d love to see one of the concrete trash bins found around campus hauled up to the top of the campus bell tower and then just shoved off. He explained the satisfying landing and explosion with such glossed-over eyes that I wonder if he has since become a technician on “Myth Busters”.

So when I came across this video from National Geographic, I knew I had to share. A rigged bomb vs a concrete bomb. The test was to see which bomb caused the least damage. To measure the bomb explosion radius, they put a bomb inside of one car and put two other cars on either side to see what range it could reach, as opposed to a concrete bomb, which is said to cause less periferal damage.

And then, there is “Top Gear”, the British TV show that is probably one of the highest rated in the country and most testosterone driven. They got into a bit of trouble with the Mexican Government about a year ago (more about that in another post). The hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May (the hosts of the show) talk cars, do challenges and have celebrities race their track. In this particular show, they each had to buy a mid-engine Italian super car for under 10,000 GBP (roughly $16,000 USD) and see what that baby could do.

If it sounds like it’s not going to go over too well, you couldn’t be more right. I was only going to upload one video but I couldn’t resist. It was a good show.


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