Triathlons: Fresh (Naked?) Start with a Triathlon Brief

Three days into the New Year and I’m feeling good, especially after a bout of diarrhea and nausea caused by something I ate. You could say it was a pretty bad way to kick off the year but I’d like to think of it as a literal purging of 2012.

I decided the new year was going to ring in a new look. Gone are the bike shorts!

I am going to bring back the tri brief.

I purchased a pair of Zoot Tri Briefs for women that were part of an old stock sale. But they were padded for the bike and I was curious.

Sporting a Zoot Triathlon Brief

About ready to go out into the world with my Zoot Triathlon Brief…that looks a little like tighty whities….











I was going to ride out 30+ km for a comfortable ride out. I would take the road onto the main freeway from Cancun to Playa del Carmen, pass up the airport and up to the entrance to Moon Palace for the turnaround.


The reason why I want to do the tri brief is because though I never expressed an opinion on it either way, when I started meeting people who wore them on a regular basis, it really phased out of my head that it was attractive or unattractive. It just was. But the reaction from a lot of people is that it is ugly. And I just don’t get it. So I wanted to try it out.

The first sensation when you’re wearing one on the bike is the sensation of nakedness. I never really thought you could feel so naked with your legs exposed that way.

And then comes the drive-by ogling.

First, there were the SUVs slowing down to take a good look. And then driving off.

Then there were the men in the passenger seat who were literally (no bare bones about it) staring, with their heads turned all the way towards me.

There was an occasional wolf whistle as well.

How did I hear that over traffic?

There was a lot of tail wind coming back so I zipped passed a lot of the wolf whistlers.

All in all, it’s really about comfort. There was a slight discomfort in the tightness of the leg openings, seeing as that I’m not used to that sort of article of clothing. Performance-wise, on the bike at least, I felt no difference. I may sing a separate tune on the run but I’ll post on that.

Wearing a Zoot Triathlon Brief

I did not realize how hard it was to take a full body photo by yourself. Frick…I have a tripod, don’t I? Stupid… A million pardons for the club girl auto portrait. And I’ll try smiling next time. 🙂


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