Triathlons: Defeat

As the year comes to a close, I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching. Searching for my soul. Searching for that one grain of truth that I know will pull me through to the light. In that light where you know that you can’t lie and where you are as naked as most never want to be.

It’s been a rattling few weeks to realize that at 38, I wasn’t on that path that I always thought lead me to where I wanted to be. That I took a lot of side roads to get…somewhere. But not necessarily where I want to go.

Call it mid-life crisis, if you will. The cold fact of the matter is tough and it is up to me to have the mettle to deal and choose my path with conviction. And I’ve got a few friends to help me out.

I don’t personally know any of the triathletes in this video but I know their words as well as I know the pores on the back of my hand. And even within greatness, there are moments of great doubt and fear.

And then there are the words of the great JK Rowling, on the benefits of failure, a speech given at the commencement ceremony of Harvard University.


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