Opine: The Rebellious Miniskirt

When I was in middle school, my parents made me return a jacket I had bought at the mall for no other reason than they didn’t like it. I look back on that now and understand: my parents were strict fashionistas. Since then, I’ve grown into my style and celebrate the free choice of garments and accessories.

It was when I was living in Mexico City when I heard about a ridiculous law that the conservative right wingers of the PAN party had passed in the state of Jalisco. In 1995, municipal president Cesar Coll Carabias stated that all female government employees were not to go to work in miniskirts as a preventative measure so that men wouldn’t get distracted.

A guy I knew who used to live in Guadalajara (which, along with Puerto Vallarta, are both in the state of Jalisco) said that’s ridiculous because it is really hot in the summers.

So, curiosity took me along to Google the topic. There are quite a number of lists that talk about a variety of states in Mexico that supposedly have similar type laws. Strangely enough, however, I did a cross-check on the references and could not find anything that backed up the majority of the claims. Most of the articles copied each other but what I found interesting about the accusations was that all of the Mexican states named, the supposed laws were applied in states where the climate is hot and have beaches frequented by tourists, both local and international.

The only stories which I could see that actually had some substance were two: one was the case of a mayor of Navolato, Sinaloa named Evelio Plata who deemed that miniskirts should be prohibited in order to combat the problem of unwanted pregnancies. The other was a story in 2008, where the rector of the University of Sinaloa, Héctor Melesio Cuen, prohibited minis so that students wouldn’t get accosted.


As a society, we have a lot to work on but as a democracy, we have the civil means to do so. Decency declares that we put our own discretion and criteria to work and opinion and discourse gives us the forum to do so.


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