Pick Up Lines: On the Bus (Part 2)

I slip to the back of the bus where empty seats are usually hidden from view.

There was a young man all in black who had a paper bag sitting on the seat next to him. I stood near so that he got the hint that I wanted the seat. Something about his body language, however, made me think he wanted to speak to me. He stood a little close as I slid into the row.

I sat down and he fumbled a bit with his cup of coffee, as he tried to settle his bag on the floor.

“Here, let me hold that for you,” I had said. After a moment of hesitation, he let me take the cup while he put away his things.

“On your way to work?” he asked.

“Yes,” I replied. He seemed nice enough but something inside said not to make the effort.

“You want some?” he asked, motioning to his coffee.

Okay. That’s weird.

“No thank you, I have a bit of a cold,” I replied.

“Yeah, it’s been going around,” he answered.


After a while, he opened his bag. Out comes a hash brown in all its smelly, greasy goodness. Then a sausage-egg muffin. And as he munched on breakfast, I couldn’t help thinking he was out of resources and turned to the one thing he could actually do in order to start a conversation: eat.

Erroneous assessment.

I saw him steal a glance in my direction. I have no idea why but I did not return the glance and I’ve never second guessed my gut feelings; they’ve saved me every time.

So it was interesting to see the confusion and perhaps shock when I tapped him on the shoulder so that I could get out of the row and off at my stop. As if we were in a play and I jumped the gun with a line that should have been said later. I wasn’t supposed to have gotten up. I was supposed to stay until he had figured it out.

I didn’t look back at him to see a reaction. Would that have been corny? Cheesy? Just plain stupid? I don’t know. It’s just one of those things where you decide that the path can’t diverge and change here. You need to keep moving in this one direction that is not necessarily a straight line.

And as I listened to the bus roar away, I walked towards work, knowing that opportunities come and go and you do not necessarily have to take every single one.


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