Opine: Announcing You Are Gay

I was rather struck by a recent article referring to Anderson Cooper’s coming out in an email and the Tweets famous people had posted in reference to his coming out. One person commented on the article that gay people shouldn’t have to “announce” it since a straight person never has to.

And it got me thinking: people who are labeling it as “announcing” are the ones making the bigger deal about it. If you look back, Anderson just mentioned it in an email. He didn’t send out a company memo to every periodical in America. He didn’t have a commercial done or get on NPR for a special spot of breaking news.

He just mentioned it in a fucking email.

Calm your shit, people. We don’t need to make a mountain out of a molehill. If we were actually accepting of people being gay to begin with, we wouldn’t be shocked by someone mentioning it and then calling it an “announcement”.

Oh please. The people who are coming out of the closet aren’t announcing it; you are.


10 thoughts on “Opine: Announcing You Are Gay

  1. I didn’t make those arm warmers. Strangely enough, I found them in a department store here. Weird. Here in Cancun, of all places! I feel a tad sick now (sore throat and a little weak) and just want to sleep more. Maybe I’ll take your advice, but just for today!

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