Fashion: The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and My Doubts


Karlie Kloss in the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Runway Show. Her controversial outfit was walked in the “Calendar Girls” section and she was showcased in November.

I think I, like every other woman in the United States, purchase, have purchased or had purchased for them an item from Victoria’s Secret at least once in their lives. That said, I find this fashion show a little beguiling. Oh sure, the underwear is really nice and let’s just say I’ve gotten the desired results when I’ve worn VS but I find the idea funny.

If you watch the show, none of the outfits are stand-alone. In other words, they need an accoutrement (a large bow in their head, an oversized orchid train, wings, silicone stay-up stockings, etc…have I gotten your attention, boys?). Okay, most haute couture collections have accoutrements as well. But most of those items are sold in the respective houses and I have yet to see these items in the online VS catalogue.

Then you have the controversy: the Sexy Little Geisha and the Native American. The SLG outfit was pulled from the catalogue a couple of months back and on the runway, for the Calendar Girl segment, Karlie Kloss’ Native American look with a suede bikini and an overly large headdress caught a lot of flack.

Now I’m going to repeat what I said in my post on the Sexy Little Geisha outfit and expound a bit.

I think this outfit looks downright silly. As did the SLG. All I see is someone trying to be something they are not and are trying so hard that they’ve gotten it soooooo wrong. I just find it funny that with a suede bikini top to wrap around the leopard print bra, they’ve paired a leopard print bikini bottom. Now I may not have my history down pat but I do not remember reading about Native Americans hunting leopard. Jaguar could have been found down in southern Mexico in the days that some of the nations still hunted but that is still a very long way to go.


Rihanna performing “Diamonds” at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

And then, there are the acts. This year, Bruno Mars, Rihanna and Justin Bieber were on stage. I’ve seen several designers invite artists to perform, as Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel has done in several occasions, but this also makes me wonder. Three high billing acts, underwear on the runway and models who look at this event as a crowning achievement

And this is not even couture. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that in a demeaning sense but the workmanship is simple. There are no advanced stitching techniques used here and most of the underwear do not last me the year. Granted, undies are used on a daily basis so you go through everything quicker.

In terms of fashion and pushing the trend boundaries, I am still confounded and it still leaves the question of this show and how it feels like, instead of going after seasonal tendencies, it is only one big commercial.


2 thoughts on “Fashion: The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and My Doubts

  1. I have a very strong feeling that is not the only time Rhianna has worn multiple pearl necklaces on the same evening;) I can also venture the new pearl glasses (as shown above) are a staple in Ms. Rhianna’s sex life. I also did some research and Native Americans sadly did wear leopard thongs but only on special events…such as the free bra and panty sale event. Nice Post!

  2. It’s like wearing jeans with your lederhosen. It may not look terrible but something feels off kilter. Hee, hee!

    I just think though, joking aside, that this is a really weird event. Although I wouldn’t doubt people wanting to see it but I don’t think that will ever convince me of the idea.

    I’ll just stick to the catalogue.

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