Movies: Skyfall (A Fumi-Critique)


Daniel Craig looking a bit haggard and older in “Skyfall”

I have been a fan of the Bond franchise since I was in high school, with Timothy Dalton’s short stint as 007 in his first run “The Living Daylights.”

I was definitely not a fan of Pierce. He is a good-looking fellow and quite debonair but Lord have mercy, those love scenes were kind of cheesy, especially with Halle Berry and the diamond scene.


Daniel Craig as seen in his first appearance as James Bond in “Casino Royale”. As Dame Judy Dench said, “he’s good news.”

To give you an idea of what I thought of Daniel Craig, I had forgotten that he had done “Tomb Raider” with Angelina Jolie and only remembered when I went through his IMDB profile. He was completely unattractive to me and became a unmemorable villain, especially since it turned out he was the bad guy at the end. A backstabber is unattractive.

That is, until I saw him in a sky blue mankini.

Judy Dench had said to Craig Ferguson of The Late, Late Show that Daniel Craig is “good news”. And he sure as hell is.

In “Skyfall”, Craig looks haggard, unkempt and stubbly. Bags under his eyes, sunken cheeks. It became clear as the movie progressed that it was a critique of renewing the old guard with new elements (M is getting sacked, Q is a young guy with acne, the weapons are old skool knives, shotguns and Walthers and Bond is recommended to “stay dead”). There is even an appearance of the Aston Martin DB5 that various Bonds since Sean Connery drove, when they ditch the nice Jaguar that M uses. References like he cuts out pieces of shrapnel from a closed wound, he hands a baggie to an operative and says, “Analise this. For her eyes only.” And even Bond’s traditional theme song made it a lovely part of the homage.


Javier Bardem as a very blonde Silva in “Skyfall”.

Javier Bardem is a fabulous villain, even if he did borrow his hair piece from Donald Trump’s private collection. He doesn’t even appear until ¾ in the movie and he is so menacing, sexual and subtle that I would give him an Oscar for just that opening scene. Yes,he has tons of mommy issues, targeting M for his love-hate reaction, but he is cunning and just all out menacing. It is a thrill to watch.

The two Bond girls are opposites. Moneypenny is a no-nonsense field operative while Severine is cold-blooded size 4 (that was all I could think of when she had her opening scene…girl’s damn skinny!) who hides under her sexy exterior, years of abuse and fear.

All in all, it was a good flick and if my opinion counts for anything, Daniel Craig has definitely brought the franchise up to its former glory. The Bond Girls aren’t that ditzy and actually fight now. It’s coming together slowly but surely.

And guess what? Daniel Craig is signed on for two more Bond movies!


Berenice Marlohe as Severine in “Skyfall”. All I thought as she stood at that gaping window was “she has to be a size 4…she is soooo tiny!”

















A String of 00 History: Four Moneypennys. Lois Maxwell, Caroline Bliss, Samantha Bond and Naomie Harris.



4 thoughts on “Movies: Skyfall (A Fumi-Critique)

  1. Mike: I am definitely not one to pressure anyone into anything but I definitely think you should do the mankini once. Life is too short to be scared!

    • I really did enjoy it! My two particular favorite scenes were the glass cube fight scene (the rooftop Grand Bazaar scene was a close second) and Silva’s entrance. I really hope Bardem gets nominated for something for that scene because he was so off kilter and brilliant with so little movement that I was floored.


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