Globalization: Gangnam Style in Mexico

A friend of mine invited me to a national league soccer game between Leon and the locals, Atlante. It has been a while since I’ve been in a stadium so it was fun.

It was halftime, though, that caught my attention.

After a paltry show of the team cheerleaders (all of six women) in center field, a local group of 20-some-odd cheerleaders from who-knows-where came out and wore fitted yellow outfits as they danced to a song I never thought I’d hear in Mexico: Gangnam Style by PSY.

A couple of months ago, I got on iTunes and saw that the number one selling song was one that had Korean written below its title. Normally, a song in that position drops after a couple of hours or perhaps days. But day after day, it has stayed at number one. Curious, I listened to it. It has a good beat but when I saw the video, I had to laugh.

Colorfully silly with a step that can only be described as the horsey dance, I sat there in awe that people of so many nations have embraced this very odd song and video, with lyrics that most do not even understand.

You’ve got to love people coming together in the oddest of ways.


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