Opine: Speedos and Halloween Costumes

I remember being struck by something fellow blogger, Mike Ballenger, wrote about in a post on Halloween costumes and how it was the only day out of the year when women could wear skimpy, sexy clothing without the evident stigma of wearing such garb. It struck me because having lived in a tropical beachside town for the last five years, I have become more used to seeing more skin as a commonplace occurrence.

Case in point: I know various Argentineans who swim in Speedos and I’ve seen it so much that I don’t find it gross or disgusting, as many of my compatriots would. And it got me wondering:

What exactly is gross about a man in a Speedo?

I am a heterosexual woman and I don’t know about the rest of you but I think, like a breeder man who can’t look away when he sees cleavage, I give business down there a quick check and “see what’s going on”, as it were. And I kept trying to dissect the issue: what’s the difference between wearing bike shorts or a Speedo? Everything down there is pressed to the skin. Is there really a difference with 5+ inches of material? Sure, maybe you see hairier limbs but what’s different? I mean hell, I can connect the dots and I can see what’s down there and there can be no amount of propriety that can state with any sort of assurance that yes, even though it is skin-tight, there’s more material so we don’t see a thing and therefore, less “offensive”. Oh please! And why do Americans in particular have such an aversion?

Going back to the Halloween issue, it made me sad to think how scared women have to be of public opinion or of the looming danger of rape to have to wait for one day out of the year when you can give free rein to a sensual desire to look good and work it. If we were more comfortable with our bodies, we wouldn’t have to wait for a day like Halloween to dress up in sexy clothing.

When the hell did we forget how beautiful we are?

Speedo Wearing Men

Modeling Hidrasport and Wolky Bathing Bikinis. Not quite the mankini that Daniel Craig sported in his first Bond appearance but there you go….



2 thoughts on “Opine: Speedos and Halloween Costumes

  1. NIce post and you bring up a solid point regarding the ladies;) I would never have the confidence to wear a Speedo thats for sure…unless I had a really toned ass! Hope all is well…new bond movie tomm;)

  2. I have been a Bond fan since “The Living Daylights”. I never even looked twice at Daniel Craig in the Tomb Raider movie. But when he stepped out in that mankini, America was watching.

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