Fashion: Karl’s Hula Hoop Bag for Chanel

Fashion is not always synonymous with practicality.

This would be one case in point.

Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel created this bag for his Resort Collection for all your beach needs. It’s big enough for your towel and can also double as a “practical” beach rack as you can stick it into the sand.

I’ll give you some reasons for why I’m skeptical:

  1. A man who notably carries nothing on his person except his trademark sunglasses and gloves tells me this is “practical” has no idea what women have to carry out of the house, much less to the beach.
  2. A bag that is big enough to take up a seat in a car (regardless of whether it is your choice of luxury SUV) is as practical as taking your Louis Vuitton steamer trunk to your cabana.
  3. Carry anything more than a towel and maybe some sunscreen and this bag looks like it will dig into your shoulder.
  4. Considering the mechanics and the specific arc of the hoops, this bag will be hard to manage after more than five minutes walking, with wind off the ocean, while toting your Veuve Clicquot and Venetian glass fluted flasks. After all, you can’t drive your Hum-V out to your spot, can you?

I love Chanel and am a huge fan but I can’t but be a little critical.

Hula hoop bag CHANEL Spring Summer 2013

The Hula Hoop Bag by Chanel Spring Summer 2013. It is hella big…


6 thoughts on “Fashion: Karl’s Hula Hoop Bag for Chanel

    • You know, I loved everything in this collection, especially the swimsuit that went with this purse. It was just this purse that had me o.O?

      I thought to myself, “Really Karl? Were you that strapped for accessory ideas?”

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