Opine: The Price of the Free Vote


I’ve been a registered voter for as long as I’ve been living in Mexico. This election year, I’ve been eagerly waiting for my ballot and, properly freaking out with three weeks to election day, I downloaded my ballot from the Internet. And as it happens, my actual ballot appeared two days later.

Not wanting it to get lost in the mail or miss the cut off date, I opted to send it via DHL. The clerk took my info down and gave me the bill: I nearly squeeked.

$667.18 Mexican pesos (or $51.86 US dollars).

To say it hurt the bank is an understatement. But I had just watched “The Help” the day before and I thought of how hard it was for women to fight for the right to vote and freely choose. And I realized I would be doing a great disservice to the men and women who sacrificed so much so I wouldn’t be beaten, raped or tortured for my right to speak my mind. And the fact that I can blog without the Taliban looking for me to shoot me in the head has me thinking that maybe I should just shut my trap and be grateful.

This is the price of a free vote. Use it.


2 thoughts on “Opine: The Price of the Free Vote

  1. I loved this post. You keep voting, I can’t stand people who gives a rats behind about elections. I don’t know if they’re fixed, but either way you are meant to vote.

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