Mexico: The Queretaro Aqueduct


The Queretaro Aqueduct in Queretaro, Mexico

I am a practical romantic but I do love a romantic story, even if it does sound like they stretched it a tad. I am probably one of the few women who has access to internet and an endless number of DVDs and have no intention of ever watching “Titanic”. That said, here goes this story, which I heard on a tour of the city of Queretaro.

Legend has it that the Aqueduct of said city was built by a marquis who didn’t have as much money as his title presumed. He had fallen in love with a woman and it was by chance that she happened to be a nun at a local convent. He proclaimed his love and she replied that if he loved her, he would bring water to the city. In those days, the city suffered from rampant disease from stagnant water and had no source of water nearby.

Pooling resources of investors, he embarked on an ambitious project: to build an aqueduct. The aqueduct was completed in the space of a number of years, with the very last arc ending in the courtyard of the convent of this nun.

I have no idea what happened to this love story and whether she just kicked him to the curb or he found someone else. Wikipedia makes no mention of the love story so it may just be local lore.

I just liked the idea of knowing that there are people who believe “impossible” is just another word.


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