Balls: Col. Joseph Kittinger, Felix Baumgartner and the Red Bull Stratos Challenge

Here is Coronel Joseph Kittinger, first man to jump from 102,000 feet from Earth, talking about his experience.

I first heard about Felix when I was living in Mexico City. He was still base jumping then and even though he didn’t have all the necessary permits, on January 30, 2006, he was flown into the Mexico City early one morning, choppered out to the Torre Mayor (the tallest building in the city at 55 stories), taken to the outside edge of the top of the building, jumped off, escorted into a car and flown away before higher authorities had a chance to say otherwise.

I love it.

So when sky diving and base jumping had become old hat, he decided to do something only one other man in history had ever done: jump from the stratosphere. Air Force Coronel Joseph Kittinger did the jump from 102,800 feet in 1960, at a time when it was not known if a human being could survive such a jump from so high up.

Red Bull decided to back the mission and on Sunday, October 14, 2012, Baumgartner became the first man to break the sound barrier with his own body, free-falling from a height of 120,000 feet above Earth and landing safely in Roswell, New Mexico.

Some call him a daredevil. Others call him foolhardy. I just admire the man for having such drive to want to do that all for the simple sake of curiosity, the need to fly and pushing the human boundaries to the limit. His mother flew out to see him and told him that if something happens, she wanted to be there to hold him one last time.

May we all be that lucky to find out what we want to do with our lives and have the support base to do so, no matter how crazy it may sound.

Here is Felix’s attempt in Mexico City

Here’s the digitally generated images of what he would be doing.

Can I just say he’s really hot?


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