The Gym: Bag Ladies

Gym Bag Ladies

Gym Bag Ladies: The black purse belongs to the grey cotton stretch pants. Word to the wise: grey cotton stretch pants are the worst things you can wear especially if you sweat in lady garden areas (I’ll leave that for another post).

I don’t know if this is a merely local phenomenon but I’ve started seeing a lot of these women in the Gym:

Women who walk around the gym and exercise, bringing along their bags. Their handbags.

I would like to state for the record that my gym does have little cubby holes where you can leave your things. If you feel really protective of your things, the attendant even offers to take care of anything you wish to leave (I knew a police sergeant who would leave his gun). And for some reason, these girls run around the gym, doing their sets, and that frickin’ bag goes along as well.

I’m a woman and even I don’t understand.




4 thoughts on “The Gym: Bag Ladies

    • Mike: we so need to meet and eat sammiches and beers. We had to have been separated at birth, man. I’m telling you….that comment was pretty funny. I haven’t read “50 Shades” but I’ve heard it called as “cafe latte porn”. An incorrect term, seeing that this is erotica…. I used to peddle smut so I should know…

  1. Hee! I’ll read 50 Shades and I’ll let you know if it’s smut. Or just poorly written fantasies….and I’ll do that in the gym, see if that gets a reaction.

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