Opine: Why Do People Lie #2

Since I know we all love a good bit of gossip and soap opera in our lives, I have chosen to write this follow-up.

I run into the Cuban last at the gym. He came up, said hi very briefly and was running about like chipmunk on speed, throwing weights onto the machines and demonstrating exercises and movements.

For the benefit of a woman who came with him.

Ahh, the plot thickens.

Turns out the woman had also done the triathlon on Saturday and without introduction nor pretense, asked me how I did. I don’t recall ever seeing her but she asked as if we knew each other. She proceeded to tell me that she did a bike relay and how she had slept the whole afternoon because her legs were that tired. Our abrupt conversation was cut short by the Cuban calling her over to show her the exercise she was to do.

And then I realized what he was doing: he was rushing her along so that she didn’t stop to talk to me. They looked like the Coyote and the Road Runner, one behind the other, running all over the gym. And I get the feeling she came along because she knew something was up. Smart girl.

Him: slaps some weights on, gets on the machine, fast-forward demonstrates how she was to do the exercise, slides off, talks loudly to someone nearby while she does her set (more often than not, this happens to be me but not by any design of mine).

Her: gets on the machine, does three reps, slides off, helps him put on weights for next exercise.

I think he started forming a plan as he was in the gym because he then runs up several times and asks me if I would bake the birthday cake for his 4 year-old. I had made some pound cupcakes a while back, he tried one and was smitten (probably with both the cake and the baker). Which lead him to ask for my number.

That is one huge ass fucker of a steamer trunk full of problems just waiting to be unleashed.

Which I am not about to do.

Be on the lookout for the next installment, folks. This guy doesn’t sound like he’s going without a fight. And I can sure as hell give him one. Or at least make sure that his wife does.


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