Opine: Why Do People Lie?

Okay, I have the following disclaimer: not all people lie. But something happened the other day where I realized where there is punani involved, some men (and perhaps some women but I don’t know; I have no experience in the subject) just can’t resist.

I was at the gym on Saturday and ran into my gym rat friend, the Cuban, who I’ve talked about in a previous post and whose only conversation with me is my body. How great it looks. How he loves watching me on the machines when I work my legs. Ya-de-da, ya-de-da.

It’s not that I’m ungrateful; I just like being able to have an actual two-sided conversation about something that’s a bit more interesting than how someone looks. Especially if that person is me. I know how I look. Why do I need you to remind me? Especially if you’re not my man? I’m a practical romantic and I suffer fools very poorly. And there are some pretty foolish people I’ve met.

This guy may be one of them.

He goes on with a bit of random conversation, asking if I’ve got a boyfriend and that he’s been divorced for about 10 months and has two kids.

I stared at him. Two minutes before, when he handed me some gum, I noticed the gold wedding ring on his left hand. He even looks married, for Christ’s sake.

I really wondered if he thought I was that stupid.

He even said he’d take me out to dinner. I just shrugged because frankly, I’d rather be his friend.

So you tell me because I need to know, especially for the men (or perhaps one man) who will read this: why do you think that this guy thought he could pull the wool over my eyes?

I can see through him, he’s so transparent.

I’m not a playah but you most certainly cannot play me; I know the block like the back of my hand.


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