Food: The Elefanta in Cancun, Mexico


Dusk at the Elefanta in Cancun. All I do know is that having dinner in this sort of backdrop makes you even less critical. Of everything.

Anyone that tells you that Cancun is a cultural city is full of shit. Ask anyone who lives in Mexico (well not anyone; the one person who did say that the city has culture is a person who has lived here in a bubble and has no clue what culture is) and they will look at you like you are crazy.

That said, a lady with a bit of an idea of what culture is (lived in Mexico City for ten years, San Francisco native and traveled all over Europe since I was 2) needs her good ethnic eats. And figuring that I am living in Cancun presently, I need to give props where props are due.

A girlfriend and I like the real good eats . So we decided to head out to the Elefanta, in La Isla Shopping Center. I know, I know. What the hell kind of good cultural eats can you get from a mall dive? Well, when the mall is on a lagoon, it ain’t half bad.


Me at the Elefanta in Cancun’s La Isla Shopping Mall

Reservations were made but not really necessary that night. The whole place was pretty open and we had our pick of tables.

We were even asked if we’d like to sit somewhere else as the sun was really bright, we looked at the waiter as if he was crazy.

I suppose if you are looking at the lagoon every single day, it gets a little mundane.

I could never get bored with this view.


The Nichupte Lagoon. The view from our table.

Even though the waiter tried to convince us to consume portions that would have had us bursting at the seams, we were very restrained with our food choices.









This was my dish.


Chicken Briyani Dum Fuk (name does not reflect the mental status of eater, I hope…). Slow-cooked basmati rice with chicken and spices. The pot where the rice came was covered tight with what looks like a piece of naan (Indian bread/tortilla) to keep the dish warm.












Elisa ordered the Kerla Jhinge, chicken and coconut curry. Now, I haven’t had that much Indian food although some would argue that being that my first incursion into this cuisine was in Edinburgh, Scotland, where you can find an Indian restaurant on nearly every single street in the city, I have a decent idea. The food was really well presented and tasted fabulous. I feel that it should have been a tad more spicy but that may be the Mexican in me talking.


Kerla Jhinge. Coconut chicken curry. As we would say in my neck of the woods, Hella grubbin’!”                  

2 thoughts on “Food: The Elefanta in Cancun, Mexico

  1. Looks like a pretty sweet night and the Dum Fuk dish name is classic! I am going on a cruise this week and wil be swinging through Cancun and Cozumel. I doubt, I get a chance to see the non tourist spots but that view is killer my friend! Sometimes it’s all about a nice cold beer good friends and a sweet sunset. If you ever come to Bama your first chipped BBQ sangwitch and Dos Equis are on this guy;)

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