Fashion: Victoria’s Secret and the “Sexy Little Geisha”


The “Sexy Little Geisha” Bodysuit

Just recently, there has been a lot of talk about a VS little outfit for that playful romp in the bedroom. Named “Sexy Little Geisha”, it’s a bodysuit that comes with the hair sticks and the mini fan to complete the fantasy. Lots have been going on about it being racist. Now, I’m Asian and in quite the position to comment on this, and perhaps more freely than most.

So let me get my word on.

I am a frequent buyer at VS and had seen the bodysuit before all this hype started up. I think I would have been offended had the model been Asian (someone mentioned that it would have been better had she been; I balk), had they used chopsticks (take out or otherwise, paper wrapper and all) and if they had done her eyes to make her look more “Asian”.


The traditional manner of donning a kimono with geisha makeup. Notice the two sparrow-tailed triangles that have not been painted on her neck.

I’ve also got Japanese blood so I’m doubly in the position to comment. I personally wouldn’t buy this because of one thing: it’s silly. So to see this VS bodysuit makes me feel that it’s appealing to the tackier fantasies that people have, something that I believe most Asian women would not buy in to. I own a yukata (a summer version of a kimono) and there is a certain sensuality that women used by only exposing their wrists. Their wrists, people! In a kimono, the neck area dips a little so that you can see more neck, also more sensual. In the “Memoirs of a Geisha” movie, it had me rolling my eyes in one scene when the neck part dipped nearly down to mid-back.

You can’t go overboard with that. Too much is too much.

This bodysuit is undoubtedly very sexy and I know a ton of guys (and gals) who would love to see their lady wearing this. I would just find this silly. It comes no where near the elegant sensuality of a true kimono.

Do I think Victoria’s Secret was wrong for making this? No. Did I think it was racist/offensive? No. Will I stop shopping at VS? Not for a long while.

Plus, I would much rather be a cowgirl.


Victoria’s Secret “Sexy Little Cowgirl”. Should we be offended that it says “girl” instead of “woman” as well?


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