Stories from the Red Chair: Bushiness

This is something that didn’t particularly happen to me but it was enough to make me feel a tad embarrassed.

I was at a restaurant before a bullfight and it seems to be the unspoken law that you must get absolutely sloshed when you go to a bullfight. A waiter was trying to explain to a restaurant patron what he was getting charged for. The patron was quite upset as well as quite drunk, saying that the restaurant was trying to rip him off.

In a huff, he went to the bathroom.

He emerged and it was a little more than obvious two things about this man:

1. He went to urinate

2. He wore no underwear.

The waiter, trying to be delicate, came up to the patron to advise him of the foliage that he had left uncovered. The patron, still drunk and upset, thought the waiter was coming about the bill again.

He waved him off and before he could get another word out, stomped out into the street.

The waiter and I looked at each other, a bit aghast and neither of us felt very ashamed about laughing at the patron.


16 thoughts on “Stories from the Red Chair: Bushiness

  1. Hello, Tauromaja! What an interesting name! For a made-up name!! 🙂 I tried e-mailing you today, but I don’t think thaT I verified your e-mail address correctly! YOu just seem like a cool person, with interesting ideas, and whose blog i WOULD like to follow! Please let me, if you wish! Thanks, Suphie


    aka, suphiecutie, back in the old days. ;))
    p.s. Hey, and I know a lot about Mexico; although, you know, compared with your knowledge my knowledge might just be blown out of the water!!!!! Peace and buenos dias!!!!! Happy Day of the Dead/Fat Tuesday when it comes/and all that…..
    By the way, nice cakes in this blog photo list.

    • Of course you can follow me! I would love that! There is a “Follow Fumi” button on the home page of my blog.

      Tauromaja is a combination of two words: the Spanish “tauromaquia” (meaning the study of bullfighting) and “maja” (also from Spain meaning “cool girl”).

      Yeah, Day of the Dead is kind of fun. The food is phenomenal and I think I’ll have to do a couple of posts on that. Thank you for visiting! I’ll be reading you too!

      • Hey, Maja!!! How are you?? Thanks so much for your response to my post. I will have to stay abreast of the current goings-on in Mexico to see what I can see about how that country is doing. I have been watching cnn to see if there is something that I can do to help stop the drug wars; I think that the best I can do is to lay off the drugs. Hehe. Talk to you later. HOpe the next day of the dead comes soon!


      • Oh, Over the Hedge? They have some funny German versions on youtube. ;)). Ohhh, by the way, this is very poetic! Have you read Hemingway, much? He was very much interested in “ze bull-fighting” said with a French accent. Yes, I like languages. Over the Hedge I haven’t seen though. I know of “Backyard Adventures” or something. I thought you meant the squirrel from Ice Age. Oh, well, talk later!!! 🙂 I like Tammy, though. That is quite the compliment…AHAHAHA.Like French movies, much? BYE-BYE.

      • I’ve read Hemingway’s “Death in the Afternoon” and that was pretty interesting, considering that the rules of bullfighting were still a bit different to how they are now.

        There are a couple of French movies I’ve seen in recent years. Lol@, Michou D’Auber and some not so good ones. One of the best recent ones is “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly”. “Oceans” was really good as well.

      • Oh, yeah, Diving Bell, was a bit depressing, though. Michou D’Auber? Don’t know…Have fun!!! 🙂 Haha. Bull-fighting is a bit cruel..:/

      • Hhaha~! I’m drinking tea right nw, not so bubbly!!! 🙂 How are you? What are you upto??? I miss your arm sleeves!!!!! 🙂 Did dyou know that Justin Timber-bake and Mila Kunis are together??? ;))))….Also, on another note, have you, are you interested in, seeing, “Ruby Sparks”? Sorry to be so selfish. What are you writing about?? 🙂

      • Ruby Sparks looks absolutely brilliant! I had seen the trailer a while back and was very much enamored! I thought it was Kunis and Kutcher? You are just sweet and bubbly and not at all selfish!

      • P.S. Why can’t I read your entire profile?? Ms. Arm-sleeves: I never knew you were a “California native.” C’est tres chic, ca!!! 🙂 Au revoir!!! 🙂 Mademoiselle!!!! 🙂 I have a family friend there, here’s to talking soon! ;)))) xoxo, Suphie

      • WOOOOOW! Just got a cool glimpse of your “tightie-whities” race at “KONA” in California, presumable. I really liked San Francisco and San-something-or other when I was there (there are so many San’s)….. You are one fit, and awesomely attractive runner/woman!!!! 🙂 Go, YOuuuu! I’m not gay but you are extra-impressive as an athlete. Talk about wash-board abs!!! 🙂 See ya, Suphie.

      • You know, the gay bit gave me the inspiration for my next post. It’s funny. I hope you like it! Actually, the underpants run is held on Oahu, Hawaii but I think it’ll be fun in California as well! Thank you for all your lovely compliments!

  2. Haahaa. The funniness of this all comes through now. It comes from staying up, late at night T-M. I hope you take care. I, too, love laughing at/with funny waiters and their funny patrons!!! 🙂 Life is all about gossip. Although this bad economy means not enough money to go out….Stay well, T-M!!!

    • I swear that the waiter was trying really hard to let the guy know. A sort of “hey, you’ve got the fronds of your palm tree hanging out” but the guy was pretty adamant and just stomped right out the door.

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