Food: It’s It Ice Cream

It's-It Cappuccino Ice Cream sandwich

An It’s It Cappuccino Ice Cream Sandwich. They didn’t have this flavor when I was growing up but I do approve. 🙂

I’ve recently turned 38 and it’s funny how much comfort food takes on more and more importance as you grow older. Memories take you back to moments in your life and take on so much meaning, completely defining you as a person.

I’m a native San Franciscan and we know you’re not from San Francisco when you say “San Fran”, “Frisco” or “SF”.

We say things like “hella” a lot (hella badass), something we don’t share with our Southern Californian counterparts.

And then, we have It’s It. Growing up, we never had much ice cream in the house and we were never a family that bought ice cream by the box or gallon. But there were those moments when friends and I would go to the store and buy an It’s It: two large oatmeal cookies with ice cream in the middle (vanilla, chocolate, mint and cappuccino) which is then dipped into chocolate. Perfect for summer. Or, if you’re like me, perfect for those colder days as well.


A locally sourced, trans-fat-free It’s It, served only at the Mountain View Cafe of Google.


2 thoughts on “Food: It’s It Ice Cream

  1. Mike: if you ever come down to Mexico, I’m taking you to REAL Mexican food. What the hell? Choco taco? They sell those in Taco Bell now? Crickey, reminds me of when they attempted churros…they were good but not the real thing. I love It’s It. It’s not some you can get ill off of after one. If you try a box of four, I think that’ll have you in the stalls, scratching at the walls with a matchbook-bonfire going on.

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