Fashion: The Mexican Charro Suit

I’ve always been fascinated with regional wear and it seems the most anywhere you go that has history, you can find a style of dress.


Vicente Fernandez (Left) and his son, Alejandro Fernandez (in black leather). Both are Mexican Mariachi singers. Both leave women screaming in their wake. Both wear a lot of trajes charro.

The one dress that identifies Mexico is the charro suit.

“Charro” refers specifically to the Mexican cowboy. Mariachis wear this suit as well, although they are always typically dressed in black with silver “botonadura” (the metal wear that is stitched on the outfit) or in white embroidery. I can’t get over the workmanship that goes into an outfit of this caliber and, of course, the hats are fabulous.

Men wear pants and women wear a long skirt. The pants taper down from the knee and usually hit within millimeters of the ground.

I’m eventually going to get one made to order and will probably wear it to the Summer Olympics or the World Cup in Brazil.





2 thoughts on “Fashion: The Mexican Charro Suit

    • Even though Vicente is not so handsome (my opinion), I know there are women who throw their underwear at him! And Alejandro with his leather suit, well, I imagine he has more that underwear getting thrown at him!

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