Stories from the Red Chair: Running Straight

I was in the gym early in the morning to get my workout in and to watch the Mexico-Brazil gold medal game in the London Olympics.

I usually start my routine with a run on the treadmill, convenient because I could watch the game as well, seeing as that the televisions were placed right in front of these machines.

There were only a handful of us in the gym and the trainer literally shirked his duties to watch, placing himself behind my machine to watch the game.

I am not too much of a fan of organized sports but I do enjoy soccer. That said, I was getting into the game and didn’t realize that we humans have a very difficult time to walk in a straight line when we are blindfolded and especially when we are not paying attention.

I started to run towards the side of the band when the tip of my shoe brushed against the heel of my other foot.

I tripped and landed on my knee, while the machine was still moving. I knew that if I didn’t get up, I would slide right off the machine in a very embarrassed mess on the floor.

I managed to jump up and resume running, as if nothing happened.

The epitome of getting laughed at behind your back has never seemed so well spoken until that moment.




3 thoughts on “Stories from the Red Chair: Running Straight

  1. Crap! That must have hurt although some may say that pride is the thing that takes the biggest fall. I so pay attention when I run now, let me tell you. That happened at the gym?

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