Sports: Texting in the Gym

Being that it is my birthday, I’ve decided to expound on one of my pet peeves.

Working on my mojo, I got back into the gym and am really feeling good when I stumbled across a happenence that I was surprised to see: texting.

I would look at these guys and just shake my head. One climbed on the treadmill and leaned against the railing while clicking away at this Blackberry (they’re still popular here in Mexico). Another took his towel, folded it into a nice square and sat his cell phone on top, making a sort of bed for his Motorola. On a bench. That he wasn’t using.

What is going on?

I normally see guys doing this but it makes me wonder: do you really need to be that much in contact with your girlfriend? Or update your status on Facebook? Or Twitter? Do I really need to know that you just finished a set of 10 reps at 200 lbs on the leg press?

And it makes me think back to this buff Cuban who I see at the gym once in a while, whose only conversation is how great my body is. Okay, it’s really boring conversation but I would prefer that to watching people carrying on a human relationship with someone who isn’t even there in front of you.


Texting while on the treadmill. Sorry, couldn’t get a better shot.


10 thoughts on “Sports: Texting in the Gym

  1. Happy Birthday! I have so many gym pet peeves, it’s crazy. I have several posts on the shit that drives me nuts. Texting is really kinda silly, I mean you re there to work out. So leave your I pad, milk jug, duffel bag o shit, orgasm grunts in the locker room. Nice post!

  2. Happy Birthday! People in the gym I go to are generally quite considerate, but one or two can hog machines while not working out on them 🙂 Great to see your blog is going strong! Hope you have a nice birthday.

    • Josey! I am glad to see your comment and am really happy to hear from you! You’re lucky you’ve got a gym like that. There is another group I call the Five Boyfriends. They hog one machine and all five go, one after another. I’ll write a post on it and take photos. It’s kind of funny to see.

  3. I have a friend who is a yoga instructor and apparently he had one student doing the positions and quite literally moaning in a way that left one thinking that she was thinking in bedtime activities.

    He was worried there would be a puddle on the floor where she was. Eeew.

  4. The pet peeves about the gym can go on forever. I workout very early in the morning and the only people there at that time are there to work out. They are not there to be social and talk to others on the phone for hours on end.

    I can’t imagine what kind of workout you are getting in if all you are doing is pressing the buttons on your phone. I guess your fingertips are really strong.

    • I saw a guy last night, no joke, on the bench press and after every set, texting. Another guy was trying to do the elliptical while texting! Didn’t last very long, I can tell you that.

      • What could you possibly be texting after every set? I just did 8 reps of 200lbs. You?

        I mean really.

        Btw – you left a comment that you have done the 70.3 distance on my site. What race was it?

  5. I did the 70.3 in Cancun three years in a row. This year, it’ll be in Cozumel but I won’t be doing that one. Kind of lost my mojo. But I’m in the process of getting it back so I hope to be strong enough next year and do that bad boy! I need to do a full IM but I’ll get to that when I’m ready. It was because I started training for one that I completely burned out. Doing bricks during the week is pretty damn hard.

    As for the bench presser, I bet he was texting the guy on the elliptical. 😉

    • I am racing IMAZ in November but am going to try to register for Ironman Florida and then if I don’t get in and don’t care for IMAZ will try tomreg sister for Cozumel. I really love the distance. I don’t do many bricks during the week. Usually all on the weekend or if the ride is a lactate ride on trainer for an hour followed by 20 min run then that will be during the week.

      That is hilarious about the texting to each other.

  6. I’m actually very comfortable with the 70.3 as a distance. I remember seeing someone on the massage bed afterwards saying that was the last time she’d do a 70.3. I actually enjoyed that race, to be honest.

    I remember Robin Williams in his latest stand up said that he walked into a Starbucks and he saw teenage girls sitting at the tables in a circle, as if in a cyber witch’s coven. Then he said one raised her head and said aloud, “I know.”

    I nearly fell on the floor, it was so funny.

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