Photography: The Reality of a Romantic Photo

I’ve decided to honor a post request from Mike Ballenger and do a post on feeding sea gulls on New Year’s Day. I was on Isla Mujeres this year it was quite lovely: laying out in the sun, tanning as evenly as I could (not European enough to leave everything exposed) and spending time with friends.

Someone had a packet of cookies so he started throwing them to the gulls. If you threw them high enough, they could catch it mid-air and fly off. Soon there were dozens flying about and I noticed that a group of female tourists started to grab their things and run off.

And then it hit me. Or actually, it quite nearly did.

The gulls were shitting all over us, making it quite uncomfortable to throw something up into the air especially if you didn’t want to have something unpleasant land back down on you.

It was, to say the least, a very memorable New Year’s. Sun, beach and bird shit.


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