Stories from the Red Chair: My First Time

My first boyfriend was a guy who had a lot of self-esteem issues. Even though he was the oldest and in college, he still looked up to his younger brother, who was the popular high school jock my ex never was.

He was also my first time.

What I vividly remember was that as I lay there in the dark, I kept looking at the analogue clock that sat on my dresser, its bright red numbers blaring “2:31” am as he tried desperately to get it up.

As I was falling asleep, he leapt suddenly on top of me and as I felt him positioning himself, I almost asked him out loud the words every man dreads hearing: “Are you in?”

And it was then that I realized how long three inches was.


2 thoughts on “Stories from the Red Chair: My First Time

  1. Oh yes the first time…lol. I once had the pleasure of being a few firsts…lol. With one of the girls, we happen to decide to have sex on the floor because the headboard would ring:) needless to say the next morning my mom thought the dog was bleeding all over the carpet. Don,t worry the dog was just fine i just had some knee burn and you know the rest!

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